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hey everyone. sorry for the crappy activity lately. all ive been doing lately is writing, well, rewriting notes and working on more references. i have like 100 plus pages of references now, and so much more to do. havent posted anything drawing wise though, so, sorry about that. honestly, ive been afraid to post anything lately. couldnt really state why to be honest. im more the type of guy who sits in the corner and keeps to himself. not really accustomed to reaching out and saying hey to people and actually trying to talk and socialize. i will work on it, and try to get better at it though. anyway, hows everyone doing? 
hey everyone. i know my posts are eratic, and sorry for that. been busy... was showing some friends my drawings and a friend suggested i share my patreon and facebook, as well other pages i use for posting.

happy new year everyone ^^ im not sure theres much i can say that everyone else has already said. i mean, this is a new year, and because its a new year, i plan to get better with drawing, and possibly even try my hand at writing and working on a fire emblem/ dungeons and dragons inspired table top role playing game ^^ i know i have millions of references to finish up, and ill get to them, but i cant forget to practice other things too. (did get the first 50 pages of references done though, so in afew days ill be posting those for sure ^^) anyway, lets all start the new year off with a bang, and do our best ^^
hey everyone. sorry again, for not being as active. was going through my notifications today, and truth be told... im not committed enough to everyone. i want to be committed enough to everyone though. so starting today, i will spend some time on here if im able to, to check out everyones notifications, as well commenting or liking, giving afew words of confidence to each and every one of you. i asked in my life, for art friends, and i have many on here. im extremely greatful. but now i need to do my part, and be there for everyone as well. ^^let me know what you think, everyone?
im very horrible when it comes to making choices and living through them. what i mean by this in all honesty, is making a new deviantart and finding a way to post drawings i didnt think would actually work well, if work at all, lol. i know ive been abit lazy with posting images. i do apologize for that. ive been having anxiety issues these past few weeks, and sitting in my apartment working on my own isnt the best idea... i do try to bring my drawing items downstairs to work on as well, and with my tablet i take pics and when going back to my room post new drawings. i plan on doing another eye image. (i know im supposed to practice both but i really like drawing one for maximum detail) and this one will be in color as well pencil and sakura pens ^^ another thing i plan on posting, is random character outfits. if i find a character from an anime or a videogame and i really like them, ill doodle the outfit. if i make an OC ill change said outfit so im not taking someone elses ideas, but for some reason, i really like drawing the outfits. ^^

anyway, starting tomorrow life will be a new year. i want to thank everyone whose been with me these past few days. i dont know whats on your minds or even who you are, but anyone sending me a llama i would like to watch and add, as that tells me ive made a new friend ^^ ill do my best to be on and when sending images thatll be the work of my tablet. also, i want to be open with everyone, as well honest about who i am and what i draw. i hope some of you understand. if not, no biggy ^^ but anyway, thank you all and hope youre new year starts off well ^^


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Thank you very much for the Watch! :aww:
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You're most welcome. Awesome art, please keep it up
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hey Dragonite FIRE!!!!! gif 
neootaku2016 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
hey, whats up?
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just taking things easy now after last week was hard sorry I didn't reply sooner
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its all good. reply when you can ^^
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Thank you so much for the watch Q//n//Q!
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Thank you so much for the watch! I really appreciate it :)
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Most welcome ^^
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